These cards will help children with their spelling, punctuation and grammar lessons, as well as their homework.
Have Fun
The cards are brightly coloured and feature little characters, which get children used to the more technical language in a fun way.
Cards can be used throughout KS2, but are an ideal revision aid for the year 6 SAT exams.

Grammar Cards

As a parent of a year 6 child and a former English teacher, I developed this set of revision cards to help my daughter with her SATS revision.

These are not designed as full teaching materials – they are an additional resource to support the KS2 curriculum.

  •  Children can use the cards to help with homework throughout KS2 – checking the technical terms as they go.
  •  These cards can be used to revise specific terms and concepts that have been introduced in SPAG lessons  
  •  They are ideal to help with SATS test papers and revision.
  •  Younger children can use the simple cards to get them started with more involved grammar work.
  •  Parents can use the cards to test their children’s knowledge throughout the year as well as for exam preparation.
  •  Parents can also use the cards to remind themselves of lots of rules they have probably forgotten! 
  • Individual cards can be picked out and parents can make up fun tasks around the subject.

The cards are divided into 4 colour-coded sections: 

*  Yellow cards –  are for words and parts of speech. These include thing like nouns, adjectives, prepositions, determiners etc.. 

* Red cards – are for punctuation and sentences.  They cover different types of sentences as well as phrases and clauses.

* Green cards – are for figurative language. These include similies, metaphors, alliteration etc.. 

* Blue cards – are for some of the trickier things. These include things like homophones, prefixes, suffixes, antonyms and synonyms.  

More About Us

What do parents and teachers say?


Really helpful

These helped me a lot, I remembered things from the cards during my exam.

Will – Child year 6

A excellent resource

If every child in my class had a pack of these at home I would be very happy.

Year 6 Teacher

Helpful with homework

My older son used these last year and the younger one is now using them. If he is doing some work where he has to use more Adverbs for example – he checks the cards to make sure he’s doing it right.

Yvonne – Parent Year 6

Great for Parents too

These helped me as much as they helped my son. I found it hard to help him with his homework as I’d forgotten all this stuff!

Cathy – Parent Year 5

Good memory tips

I got the Synonym questions right because I remembered S for Synonym S for same !

Molly – Child year 6

The kids loved them

My children loved using these.  The younger ones really liked the fun little characters.

Hayley – Parent KS1 & KS2

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